Lochner´s Weinwirtschaft

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Lochner's Weinwirtschaft (Schöneberg)

Owner Andreas Lochner is a trained chef and has done a very charming thing: He has given in to his wish for simplicity. Until a few years ago he ran a wonderful gourmet restaurant in Berlin, but the time came when he had simply had enough of Breton lobster and pork belly confit. He dreamt of a simple wine tavern – but of course with products of an equally high quality.

Instead of Breton lobster, for example, there is now smoked fillet of trout on farmhouse bread and a Black Forest “Vesperteller” plate of ham, terrine in aspic and liver paté to accompany the wine. There is really something for everyone in the approx. 150, well-described and fairly calculated wines with a focus on Germany – including a great list of rarities. The wines, incidentally, are chosen by Andreas Lochner´s wife, Gerlinde. She is particularly interested in wines from the young generation and in many an unusual bottling such as a Frühburgunder (Pinot Précoce) from Brandenburg, whose grapes are sourced from the grape grower´s garden in Potsdam.

Photo: Lochner´s Weinwirtschaft
Photo: Lochner´s Weinwirtschaft


Lochner's Weinwirtschaft
Eisenacher Straße 86
10781 Berlin Schöneberg

Tel.: 030 - 23 00 52 20
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday:
Sale of wines: 4:00 pm - 0:30 am
Food service: 5:00 - 10:00 pm