NOER Weinhandel

Weinszene Berlin

NOER Weinhandel (Kreuzberg)

The great thing is: You can come in here as a complete wine novice and leave again, happy and contented, with the right bottle. When over six years ago André Gersdorf and his partner Marion Streubel opened the NOER wine shop in a small neighbourhood better known for its hipster appeal than for a wine-loving, affluent clientele, they wanted above all one thing: To avoid speaking technical mumbo jumbo and sounding like some smart-ass schoolmaster, but instead to make the complex product of wine accessible to young people in the most uncomplicated and affordable way.

To this end Gersdorf, a wine business graduate, developed a system of coordinates for an intuitive wine choice, whilst his partner created the corresponding design: Painted on the wall of the very stylish shop are two main axes – light to heavy and calm to lively. Within these are five sections describing different wine types: The Stimulant, the Seducer, the Relaxer, Adventurer and Funatic. Gersdorf has arranged the shelves of wine according to these wine types as he knows that very few customers ask for a particular grape or region of origin. Instead, they look for a wine that goes, for example, with the meal on a first date, or matches the mood.

Among the Seducers he likes to recommend soft and fragrant Weißburgunders and Grauburgunders from his range of over 200 wines. Those looking for a Stimulant before they go out get to try his fabulous selection of Rieslings. Does it work? You will have to try it yourself to see but one thing is certain: Even non-experts are sure to find an excellent wine at the NOER.



NOER Weinhandel & Weinevents
André Gersdorf und Marion Streubel GbR
Falckensteinstraße 10
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Telefon: 030 67516285
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 1:00 - 8:00 pm