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ottorink (Kreuzberg)

For many years as a professional chef, Andreas Rink played his way around the world with singers and bands before he moved back to the birthplace of his grandfather, Otto Rink: Berlin. He very much wanted to combine his profession as winegrower, which he had learned way back, with his later work as chef. So what could be more fitting than to set up a wine bar with a lunchtime offering of, for example, cabbage and bean stew with a jazzy gremolata or a “Brotzeit” plate of cheese and charcuterie to go with the wine?

The focus of his range is instantly recognizable from the visual appearance of his wine bar in Kreuzberg: The bar counter is completely lined with slate from the region where most of his wines are sourced – the Mosel.

There is also a good representation of wines from Baden, Rheinhessen, the Pfalz and the Nahe wine regions. However, Rink receives special praise for his talent to dig out young, undiscovered wines from lesser-known producers.

Many stick only to the most famous estates, he explains, when there are so many gifted winemakers who lack what it takes to get to the top. Many popular newcomer wines were on offer at Ottorink before others had even heard of them.


ottorink Weinbar
Dresdener Str. 124
10999 Berlin 
Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday: from 6 pm