The Kurpfalz-Weinstuben

Weinszene Berlin

The Kurpfalz-Weinstuben (Wilmersdorf)

Climbing vines, rustic wooden chairs and fantasy figures carved in tree roots: The Kurpfalz-Weinstuben has been part of Berlin since 1935 and is considered an institution. Current owners Vincenzo Berényi and his chef de cuisine and partner Sebastian Schmidt have completely renovated the technical side, but (thankfully!) held back on the visual. Thus the Kurpfalz-Weinstuben is still the perfect destination for a journey back in time, which in the course of the current retro wave makes it a big hit with young people.

As far as their wine selection goes, the Kurpfalz-Weinstuben was always ahead of its time. Guests here were drinking dry wines from hand-selected grapes way back in the 70s when the rest of the Republic were still into the sweeter styles. Today the focus is on classic German and naturally Pfalz wines with a good selection of older vintages as far back as a 1983 Kallstadter Saumagen Auslese.

The new owner and sommelier Vincenzo Berényi and his chef have also skillfully combined the traditional with the modern in the menu. The house marinated Fjord Trout has been internationalized with chutney and seaweed salad, whereas the “Pfalz Blatt “ platter remains in the realm of the traditional: A trio of very spicy saumagen (stuffed pig´s stomach), liver dumplings and bratwurst served with a wonderful wine sauerkraut and crispy bacon, which the sommelier pairs with a succulent Riesling. Such quality is only possible when man, animal and wine are given time.

Photo: Kurpfalz-Weinstuben
Photo: Kurpfalz-Weinstuben
Photo: Kurpfalz-Weinstuben


Kurpfalz-Weinstuben GmbH
Wilmersdorfer Str. 93
10629 Berlin

Tel.: 030 883 66 64
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday: from 6:00 pm