Weinszene Berlin

Weinerei - Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg

The Weinerei “family” is long-established in Berlin, widespread and became famous throughout Europe for their “pay what you think it is worth” system. You eat, you drink – not plonk but estate wines – and afterwards instead of a bill on the table you “pay what you want” sounds like the first step to financial ruin.

But it was and is not, which is why Weinerei proprietor Jürgen Stumpf is still in business, with now four establishments in Berlin: The Forum is the largest wine bar and a place where after 8 p.m. renowned red and white, as well as sparkling wines can be tasted dynamically. “Dynamically” means that you get what Jürgen Stumpf has just brought over from his wine shop diagonally opposite. In the process no-one needs to go hungry. Wines in the Forum are complemented by a buffet, in the Perlin, his second wine bar, even by a set menu.

You still pay what you think is fair. Only in the wine shop are the prices fixed. Franken wines from Simon Stumpf are, of course, on the list as they practically belong to the extended family of the shop owner, as is the new Wine Event Platform “Edel & Faul”, where you can register for wine “flights”. These are wine journeys through time and place, punctuated with personal memories and many liquid examples, without one having to leave the location.

Photo: Weinerei
Photo: Weinerei


Weinerei am Weinberg OHG (wine shop)
Veteranenstr. 17
10119 Berlin

Tel.: 030 4406983
Opening hours: 
Monday - Friday: 1:00 - 8:00 pm
Saturday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

Forum (café & wine bar)
Fehrbelliner Straße 57
10119 Berlin

Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday: 10:00 am - midnight
Wine tasting: 8:00 pm - midnight

Perlin (wine bar)
Griebenowstr. 5
10119 Berlin

Tel.: 0151 15903486
Opening hours:
Wednesday - Saturday: from 6:30 pm

Edel&Faul (wine events)
Krüger, Schimanek & Stumpf GbR
Veteranenstr. 16
10119 Berlin

Tel.: 0172 1594097